1. A couple of pictures from our first few days back in London!

  2. Six years ago today I met London for the very first time. It was St.Patricks Day 2006 and my cousin met my mom and I at Charing Cross and gave us the grand tour. I’ve been back almost every year since (in 2011 I went twice!) and I’m still madly in love with the energy, the culture and the history!

    My favorite London memory: camping out in Trafalgar Square for two rainy days to meet see JK Rowling at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 World Premiere.

    I think tonight I’ll raise a green beer to my favorite city in the whole world, cheers London!

  3. view of the National Gallery through bus
    Oxford Street lit up for Christmas

    London by night.


  4. October Favorites

    Looking back over the past couple of months, it’s hard to believe how much ground we have covered on our European adventure. While I have already posted about my love affair with Salzburg here, I wanted to include a couple other highlights from October.

    We started the month in Budapest and Vienna but I wasn’t overwhelmed with either city and I’m determined to only select ‘favourites’ for this post (otherwise it could go on forever)! 

    Beautiful views sailing on Lake Zürich in Switzerland.

    Hiking in the Swiss Alps.

    From Zürich we were off to Brugge, Belgium.

    Two words…

    …Belgium Chocolate

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  5. The Kehlsteinhaus, or ‘Eagles Nest’ on the peak of the Hoher Göll known as the Kehlstein. Absolutely Breathtaking.


  6. Autumn Wonderland

    It’s really special when you visit a place that turns out to be exactly as you imagined it in your mind. After traveling from Rome to Florence to Venice to Prague to Budapest to Vienna, this small town girl was desperately needing to get out of the city. We arrived here a couple of days ago and despite rather gloomy weather, Salzburg has warmed my heart.

    We went for a beautiful hike yesterday through an Autumn wonderland.

    This town feels like Christmas even in October, but these lovely pumpkins reminded me that Halloween is first in line.

    I think Salzburg is going to be one of those places I start planning my trip back on my way out. Simply Magical.

  7. Italy Highlights

  8. I’ve been in Italy just over a week now and I’m thoroughly in love with the country, the sun, the sights and, of course, the wine! We’ve made our way from Rome (which we covered pretty thoroughly in 2009) to Orvieto, a beautiful town set atop a volcanic rock and onwards to Tuscany where we enjoyed the stretching countryside. We’ve just arrived into Florence today and are looking forward to exploring everything the city has to offer and hopefully relive a bit of the Italian Renaissance before moving onwards and upwards to Venice and Verona.

  9. I’m going traveling in just a few short weeks and in anticipation I was going through some of my travel videos from a couple of years ago (long before I knew of Adobe Final Cut I might add). I made them while I was going to school in England and traveling on weekends…and during the week, who am I kidding. They’re nothing fancy, but they are fun for reminiscing and getting excited about going away soon. 

    This one is from Greece. You can see Rome here and Switzerland here.