1. Writing Christmas cards with a quill….I think so! Harry Potter would be so proud.


  2. Practivism Evening


    Last night I attended Practivism 3: Design. Harmony from Chaos.

    We live in a fine balance of harmony and chaos. A reality where the most unprecedented challenges face our planet, and in contrast, a tipping point of positive change for our collective future is reaching tidal proportions.”

    The keynotes speakers offered some great perspectives on sustainability in graphic design as well as years of experience working in creative industries. 

    I felt honoured to have a piece I had written about the late Jim Rimmer read as an introduction for the Jim Rimmer Scholarship Award. Although I only had the opportunity to meet Jim once a couple years ago, I found him to be so inspirational that I wanted to share my experience with others.  

    Here is the piece that I wrote:

     A LASTING IMPRESSION: The Day I Met Jim Rimmer

     I met Jim Rimmer in my second year of the Graphic Design for Marketing program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I was enrolled in a course called Print Technologies taught by GDCF Dale Simonson. Dale gave us Jim 

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